Davis Paintball is famous for its 'Big Games'.  Players wanting to participate in the Big Game will be split into two teams. The games are 'themed' and re-incarnation is allowed throughout most of the game.  When you are eliminated, re-incarnation allows you to touch one of the several re-incarnation points that exist throughout the field, and you will be able to rejoin the game again.  Typically re-incarnation is allowed until the last 5 minutes of a 30 minute game.   Currently, Attack and Defend of our 3-acre walled city, Stalingrad, is our most popular game.  There will also be other themed games throughout the Big Game day.    

Big Games occur the 1st Saturday of every month, rain or shine.  On Big Game day, admission is reduced by $5 for self-equipped players and includes a free lunch served during the lunch break.  On average, 200 people attend our Big Game events every month, and with that many people you know it going to be lots of fun!