Every player will be given a safety briefing upon arrival.  During this time, we will stress our safety standards and explain how to play the game of paintball.  We will also provide rental players with an overview on how to operate their equipment in a safe manner. 


  1. Rental players must use paintballs purchased from us the same day.  

  2. Goggles MUST be worn the entire time you are on the field or in the chronograph area. Only goggles specifically approved for paintball are allowed.

  3. Barrel sleeves are MANDATORY and must be used at all times in areas other than the designated playing fields and target range.  Squeegees and barrel plugs are not permitted. 

  4. Davis Paintball Referees have the FINAL word on all calls.  Please respect their decision.

  5. Your paintball gun must be shooting under 285 fps.  Everyone is responsible for chronographing your own equipment.  If you need help, please see a staff member. 

  6. Firing at things outside of your game (e.g. animals, cars, spectators, referee) will lead to ejection from the game and/or field.

  7. Please follow "courteous playing habits":

    • No blind firing. You must see what you are shooting at.

    • No close shooting or bunkering.  There's a 10 foot surrender rule.

  8.  Compressed air tanks and CO2 tanks that have expired cannot be refilled at our facility.

  9.  You must wear closed-toed shoes such as sneakers or hiking boots. Long sleeve shirts and long pants are highly recommended, but not required.

  10.  Profanity and inappropriate conduct will NOT be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from our premises.  Davis Paintball is a public recreational facility and has a family-oriented environment.

  11.  Outside food and drinks are welcomed, but alcohol is prohibitied.