Welcome to Davis Paintball 

At Davis Paintball, located just outside of Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area, we take fun to the next level.  Our expert staff are dedicated to providing you with an exciting and fun experience in a safe and friendly environment. We take pride in helping beginners explore the sport of paintball across our 9 fields and 40 acres. 


Please note: Paintball purchased at 'Big Box Retailers' such as Big 5, Walmart, Sport Chalet are not allowed at Davis Paintball at any time.  These paintballs are designed to survive a long and lengthy supply chain rather than breaking, and have proven to be very dangerous. If you are renting our guns only Paintballs purchased from us will be allowed.  Thank you for helping keep Davis Paintball a safe place to play!



Davis Paintball is hosting its First Saturday of the month Big Game this Saturday, June 6th.  As Always $5 off admission, free lunch, playing all our fields together as 1 big scenario type event.  In May we had over 300 people!  Much fun will be had by all. 


Camp 1 June 22-26 2015  9:00 am to 12:00 Noon

Camp 2 July 20-24 2015 9:00 am to 12:00 Noon 

We are happy to announce registration for our 2015 Summer Camp is now open.  This all inclusive camp is designed for kids ages 10 -14 who have never played paintball, or would like to improve their paintball skills and strategies.  Click on the logo to learn more information.